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Tazria-Metzora. Setting Goals & Making Progress

  • Do you ever feel like each day is repeating the previous one?

  • Do you feel dynamic or stagnant?

  • Do you feel that you have managed to grow or achieve during our period of lock down?

This week we will speak about time and human processes

There is a dynamic of "seven and eight" which is a hallmark of our parsha and recent parshiot:

i. Parshat Tzav-Sheminni, described the 7 days of milu'im, the Mishkan's inauguration, followed by the “Yom Hash'minni” – the eighth climactic day of revelation (9:1).

ii. Our parsha, Tazria, opens with seven days of impurity following the birth of a boy. The eighth day is the Brit Mila (12:1-3).

iii. The Metzora/leper undergoes a 7 day purification period followed by an eighth day which bestows full purity. (There is also the seven-fold sprinkling of the blood/water/oil mixture. 14:7,16.)