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Shemot / Exodus

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1. The Ramban's Introduction To Shemot: Shades of Redemption

2. The Slippery Slope into Slavery

3. "And God Sought to Kill Him" - Moses in Danger



1. The Ten Plagues. A Lesson In Faith

2. PODCAST - Two Strategies in Redemption - Contrasting Shemot and Vaeyra

3. PODCAST - "Uncircumcised Lips" - Speech and Redemption



1. Hachodesh Hazeh Lachem – New Moons And The Renewal Of The Soul

2. The Blood On The Doorposts

3. When Text contradicts Tradition – Torah Shebichtav vs. Torah Sheb'al Peh


The Dubious Effect Of Miracles


1. Fire and Cloud

2. Shirat Hayam– Structure and Message

3. Three Stages to Sinai

4. Slave Mentality



1. Yitro's Visit – Chronology and its Meaning

2. The Ten Commandments – Structure and Significance

3. Three Closing Commandments – a Different Sacrificial Code?



1. Is Slavery Ethical?

2. Elokim or Elohim? - The Human Judge and God.



1. The Ordering of Parashat Teruma - the Mishkan Construction

2. The Ark and the Altar: Man in Search of God, or God in Search of Man?

3. Mishkan and Ohel - The Hidden Mishkan



1. The Priest's Clothes

2. "Tamid" - Continual Relationship


Ki Tissa

1. The Half Shekel Donation

2. Moses' Prayer – "Lama Yomru HaGoyim": Should Jews care what the World Thinks?

3. The Face of Moses – a Biography of Moshe Rabbeinu

4. PODCAST The Golden Calf. Two Approaches (link)

5. PODCAST Who earned forgiveness for the Golden Calf? - Moses or Israel? Rashi vs. Ramban

Vayakhel- Pikudei  

1. Shabbat and Mishkan – What is the Connection?

​2. Vanity Mirrors

3. Three accounts of the Mishkan's Dedication

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