Vayetze: Yaakov's Work-Ethic

"The implicit idea in all the advertising you see is that, ideally, you shouldn’t work at all; ‎ideally, you would retire when you’re e

Toldot. How do you Educate Esau?

To try to bring up a Jacob and an Esau in the same school, make them have the same habits ‎and hobbies, want to teach and educate them the s

Chayei Sarah. Social Seclusion

When Abraham instructs his slave to go and find a wife for his son Isaac, Abraham is pedantic and particular. He outlines specific rules to guide his slave in his search for the appropriate woman: 1. Isaac may not marry a Canaanite. 2. Isaac may marry a woman from Abraham’s birth-town, but he may not go and live abroad with his wife’s clan. Thus, the only possible arrangement will be for the prospective bride to leave her family and to make her way to Canaan, and to live there with Isaac. Indeed, this is what happens with Rebecca/Rivka. These are serious limitations. The “Kli Yakar”, Rabbi Efraim Solomon b. Chaim Lunshitz (Lemberg, 1550-1619) notes the extraneous phraseology of the verse: “[

Vayera. Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm

“The lesson for us is that merely showing up in life just isn’t enough. Drifting along with no passion for living, or repeating the same goo

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