Ki-Tavo. National Treasure

Ceremonies are formal , essentially choreographed moments, and yet, they give us the opportunity to appreciate life’s blessings. We create t

Ki-Tetze. Eating on the Job

The employer must show consideration to the psychological stress of his worker who is surrounded ‎by bountiful fresh fruit. ‎ And yet, the w

Shoftim. War Morality

There is a balance to be made between the battlefield and the home-front. War is important, but ‎even while the cannons will stop firing, li

Reeh. God's Children

... our parents will always be our parents and our children will always be our children; that cannot be changed. The relationship might be l

Ekev. Mindful Eating

We use the blessing of our basic sustenance as a springboard to thank God not merely for individual nourishment but for sustaining the natio

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