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Blog Highlights

I have had a blog since 2006. It has been a wonderful tool to record many thoughts about Israel, Torah and the Jewish World. Here are some of my favourite posts:




Momentum of Chag

Coming in From the Sukka


Human Touches

The Power of Questions

Thoughts on a Plane

Tehillim and Dialogue in the Darkness

A "Nobel" Jerusalem Moment


A Prayer Dilemma

Judaism is Not for Kids

Torah during Summer Vacation


Living in Israel

Nature tuned to Religion

A Night at the Kotel

Shopping in Jerusalem on Jerusalem Day

Rami Levy, Israeli Racism and the dangers of Intermarriage

The Bible comes to Life!

Special Kosher and the Rabbinate


Israel in conflict

A prayer for Israel (written at start of 2nd Lebanon War)

Just Another Day in Jerusalem

Empowerment, morality and Israeli Militarism


Contemporary Jewish Thinking

The Halakhic Spring

Modesty and the Woman Problem

Women's Learning and Women  Rabbis



My Grandfather, Joseph Richman z"l

Rav Amital z"l

Marc Weinberg z"l


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