1.       The Creation of Man

2.       The World Rebels 

3.       The Decline Of Man – Structure Of Parashat Bereshit

4.       Snake Charming! The Seduction of Eve

Parsha Discussion (Short stimulating discussions for the Shabbat Table)

1. Are Morals Innate? (How did Cain know it was wrong to Murder?)

2. Is Humanity "good"? 

3. Ayeka. Are we all Hiding?



1.       Nimrod – Builder or Destroyer?

2.       Noach And Moshe – A Midrashic Comparison

3.       Destruction and Recreation: Noah in the Garden of Eden



Lech Lecha

1.       The Faith of Abraham – Why is Avraham's background missing from the Torah?

2.       Abraham's Journey

3.       Beit El and Hebron – New place, New challenge

4.       Creating History: Maaseh Avot Siman Lebanim

5.       Two Covenants

Lech Lecha Parsha Discussion Topics

1. Is Faith innate? Did Abraham find God at age 3 or age 40? And what is the difference between innate faith

and mature faith?

2. Sins of the Patriarchs. The Patriarchs and Matriarchs are seen as role models and people of virtue. But what happens when the Tanakh depicts them as acting problematically? Can we issue criticism? Does that criticism diminish them?

3. Why Circumcision? Jews circumcise their sons as a covenant and a sense of continuity.

But what values does this ritual express?



1.       Laughter

2.       Angels, Reality, Hospitality

3.       Hospitality: Avraham vs. Lot

Chayei Sarah

1.       The Legacy of Sarah - The structure of Parashat Chayei Sarah

2.       Yitzchak and Rivka: A study of Opposites

3.       Isaac's "conversation"


1.       Birth Rights: Does the Firstborn Matter?

2.       Yitzchak – His secret strength.

3.       Was Yitzchak Poor?

Toldot Parsha Discussion Topics

1. Educating EsavCould Esav have been raised in a different way? Rabbi SR Hirsch in a very progressive comment about parenting.

2. Does Birth Order Matter? What is the Birthright? Can you purchase birth-order?

3. Living for Today! Esau "Eats, Drinks, Gets up, and Leaves" The Rabbis suggest that Esau only thinks of the "now", not the long-term. In some ways, this reflects contemporary societal trends. 


1.       Rachel And Leah – Rival Forces

2.       Which Yeshiva did Yaakov Attend? (blog)

3.       Yaakov Stoned! (blog)



1.       Yaakov Struggles

2.       Reuven's Sin – Peshat And Drash

3.      Events of the Past – Lessons of Today / Maaseh Avot Siman Lebanim


1.       Joseph's Dreams: Fantasy or Ideology?


2.       Joseph – Between Cultures

3.       Turbulence And Tranquility


1.       The Joseph Story: Transformation Of A Family

2.       Yehuda's Responsibility


1.       Jacob's Descent To Egypt

2.       Joseph's Wagons – Midrashic Echoes

3.       Joseph's Economic Policy

4.       Tears of Reunion - podcast / sourcesheet [Hebrew]



1.       The Blessings Of The Tribes: Blessing? Curses? Or what?

2.       The Two stories of the Burial Of Jacob

3.       Jacob's Critical Lessons For Exile.

4.       Scars of Enmity


Parsha Podcasts