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Special Moments of the Jewish Year.


1. The Shofar of Elul: God's Love, and Second Chances

2. Shoftim - Judging Ourselves


Rosh Hashanna                

1. Coronation Day - Tehillim ch.47 - למנצח לבני קרח מזמור

2. The Shofar - Facing Uncertainty

3. Parents, Children, prayers and Tears

4. Rosh Hashannah. A Day for God or Man? Podcast Sourcesheet

5. Rav Amital's Remarkable Reading of the Akeida. Video Sourcesheet

Yom Kippur

1.The Mechanics of Confession

2. The Drama of the High Priest. Why Did his Face Radiate?

3. The Message of Jonah: Being Human


Blog: Between Yom Kippur and Sukkot


1. Does the Sukka symbolize Booths or Clouds?

2. Back to Nature? Is Sukkot a Nature Festival?

NEW! Sukkot Magical Mystery Tour with Rav Alex

3. Hoshana Rabba. The Prayer of the Simple Willow

4. Why is Sukkot the Festival of Joy? (Audio)

5. Kohelet and the Secret of Jewish Happiness.

Shemini Atzeret      

Shemini or Atzeret?


Simchat Torah

Torah for all Jews

Blog: Dancing with the Torah



Channuka Torah. 8 ideas for 8 nights

Dedication of What? - Channukat HaMizbeach

Joseph and Channuka

Tu Bishvat

Planting for the Future




1. Shabbat Shekalim - The Half Shekel Donation

2. Haftara Shekalim - Integrity of Public Officials

3. Shabbat Zachor -The Evil of Amalek TEXT SHIUR PODCAST

Blog: Contemporary Purim Reflections

4. Megillat Esther: Feasting and Giving

5. Megillat Esther: Jewish Pride? Why didn't Mordechai Bow?

6. Parashat Para (Haftara) - Should Jews Care what the Gentiles think?

Rosh Chodesh

1. New Moons and the renewal of the Soul2. Haftara for Shabbat Rosh Chodesh (Isaiah ch.66). Universal concerns


 Is Nissan the TRUE Jewish New Year?

1. Hippazon – Speed of Redemption

2. The Psychology of Hametz

3. Arami Oved Avi

4. Pesach: Past, present, future

5. Geula – In the hands of God or Man?

6. Blood on the Doorposts

Yom Ha-Shoah

1. What is Heroism? A Tale of Two Sculptures

2. A Yom Hashoah Prayer Drama

3. The Holocaust and the State of Israel. "Od lo avda tikvateinu" - our hope is NOT lost!

4. Six Million Accusers

Yom Haatzmaut

1. A poem for Yom Hazikaron

2. Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut

3. Blog: Can we Celebrate an Imperfect Israel

Yom Yerushalayim 

1. Jerusalem – Mikdash and Unity

2. Blog: Just Another Day in Jerusalem

3. Blog: Shopping on Jerusalem Day

4. NEW. At the Gates of Jerusalem


1. The Ten Commandments. Structure and Meaning

2. Megillat Ruth: Ruth and the story of Yehuda and Tamar

3. Megillat Ruth and Sefer Shoftim

Tisha B-Av

1. Stories of Destruction

2. Sedom and Jerusalem – A study of opposites

3. Eikha – Facing God in the midst of Suffering


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