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 Scholar in Residence

Rabbi Israel makes regular visits to communities and campuses worldwide - See Below. Some of the topics he has recently addressed at Scholar-in-residence visits are:


Recent Scholar in Residence visits

Shavuot 2017, Cape Town, South Africa

March 2017 US Tour


Shabbat 24-25 March - Kehillat Kesher. Engelwood


Friday night drasha

Creativity in the Service of God

Shabbat Morning.

The Mishkan ... Again? The Meaning of Sefer Shemot


Seuda Shelishit

Matza and the High-Speed Redemption. Why?


  • Sunday 26 March - Flatbush. Tanakh Study Group  - Shir Hashirim: Exile and Redemption

  • ​​Monday 27 March - AIPAC - Rabbis and Cantors Track - Jewish Power and its Dangers

  • Tue 28 March - Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School.  Faculty Session. From Ahaz to Hezekiah

  • Columbia Hillel - Arami Oved Avi - Understanding Peshat and Drash - Did Laban wish to kill Jacob?

  • ​Wed 29 March -  Yeshiva University - Ruth ch.4. Land, Names and Redemption.

  • Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School. Faculty Session. From Menasseh to Josiah

  • Young Professionals Shiur. Manhattan.  Rav Kook on “The Sage is Preferable to the Prophet”

  • ​Thursday 30 March. SAR faculty session. Idolatry. How to explain it to our students

  • Global Day of Jewish Learning. The Women’s Mirrors and the Secret of Desire.


April 1. Cong. Ahavath Torah

Fri night Oneg

"Pour Out Thy Wrath - שפך חמתך" in the 21st Century. Understanding a difficult text in its Context."


Why Does the Exodus Need to Be So Quick?

Seuda Shelishit

Can we Understand Sacrifices in a Modern Age?

December 2016 Tour

  • Shabbat Toldot - Young Israel of Plainview

  • Sunday Dec 4 - Limmud Boston

  • Sunday Dec 4 - Maayan Boston. "Did Yaakov Cheat his Father? - 3 Approaches to Reading Tanakh"

  • Monday Dec 5 - Harvard Hillel and Brandeis University.

  • Tue Dec 6-7 - Hillel International Global Assembly

  • Thursday 8 - Valley Beit Midrash. Phoenix AZ.

  • Shabbat Vayetze - Cong Aabj&d, West Orange.

  • Sunday 11 Dec - Rinat Yisrael, Teaneck. 8:45 am. "Jewish Violence: Empowerment or Endangerment?"

September / Elul 2016 . AMOS. Amsterdam

  • Friday night - Dvar Torah - מצוה גוררת מצוה - One Mitzva leads to another

  • Shabbat morning Shiur - The Beautiful Captive Woman אשת יפת תואר and the Ethics of War 

  • Shabbat Drasha - . Elul. A Time of Second Chances. 

  • Seuda Shelishit - Religious and Secular in Israel. Room for Optimism





































2015 Hong Kong / Australia
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