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I am really looking forward to my trip to London next Shabbat (Lech Lecha)


Here are my speaking engagements:



I will be speaking at Alei Tzion at Kabbalat Shabbat, Oneg Shabat, Shabbat morning (hashkama + regular minyan)



1. Shabbat Mincha. Alei Tzion 

Ezra: How a single Man revolutionized Judaism


2. Motzaei Shabbat Book Launch

The Rise and Fall of King Solomon



3. Cambridge Jsoc

Sunday 7pm

The Expulsion of Ishmael. Did Abraham send his son to die in the desert?



4. Monday Lunchtime

City of London School for Boys


5. Monday Evening.

Moishe House. 8.30pm

Power Corrupts! Ahab and Nabot: Goverment, Greed, and Self-delusion.


6. Monday Evening 10pm

Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi Alumni

Contact Alan Levenson



7. Tuesday lunch and Learn

12:30-2pm J-Hub

An Ordinary Man and the Curses of Suburbia: The Biblical Story of Lot.

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