Bereshit. Is Humanity "Good"?

After each and every act of creation, God looks at the new creation and proclaims: ויהי טוב – “It was good” (1:4,10,13,18,21,25). God makes

Launching "The Parsha Discussion"

I am excited to launch "The Parsha Discussion," a new project that I am inaugurating for 5777. It is a weekly post that is designed to stimulate a discussion around the Shabbat table, especially with teenagers, based around the parsha. Let me explain how this project was born. A past-student contacted me and asked me to learn with him when he was visiting Israel. He wanted to study Parshat Hashavua with me. I was surprised. Why come half way around the world to study parsha; there is so much already on the internet! He explained: "I love to discuss the parsha at the Shabbat Table. When my kids were young, we did a parsha quiz. Y'know - How many animals entered the Ark? How many sons did Noah

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