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Shelach Lecha. Reminders

Do we need a constant reminder that we are Jewish?

  • Why do people – men or women - wear a wedding ring?

  • Would they otherwise forget that they are married?

  • Is a symbol such as a wedding ring a sign for oneself or for others?

In this week’s Parsha Discussion we discuss Tzitzit, the fringes attached to a four-corner garment (source: Deut 22:12, Num 15:37-41) which are presented by the Torah as a sign and a trigger:

“…let them attach a cord of blue to the fringe at each corner… see it and recall all the commandments of the Lord and observe them, so that you do not follow your heart and eyes in your lustful urge. Thus you shall be reminded to observe all My commandments and to be holy to your God.”

Tzitzit can be found in two forms: In a Tallit donned during prayer, and in a Tallit katan worn under one’s clothing as a private expression of this mitzva. In recent decades, Techelet, the ancient blue die would seem to have been rediscovered.

  • ​Why do fringes, and the blue thread in particular, recall all the commandments of God? And why do they curb lustful urges?