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Beshalach. The Sound of Music

This Shabbat is known around the Jewish world as “Shabbat Shira – the Shabbat of Song”. It is given this name because our Torah Reading contains the “Song of the Sea – Shirat Hayam” sung by the Children of Israel after the waters of the Red Sea miraculously parted.

So, let’s take this opportunity to talk about music and song.

  • Why do we sing?

  • What does music do for us?

  • Why is music so emotive for most people? Music can sooth and relax, inspire and energize, give voice to our feelings, activate our emotions. How does music affect you?

  • Does music play a role in your religious life?

I. A Midrash:

From the day that God created the world up until Israel stood at the sea we do not find anyone who sang a song to God.

He created Adam, and he did not sing a song.

He saved Abraham from the furnace and from the kings, and he did not sing a song.

He saved Isaac from the knife [at the Akeida,] and he did not sing a song.

He saved Jacob from the angel [who struggled with him in the night], from Esau and from the people of Shechem, and he did not sing a song.