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Vayetze: Yaakov's Work-Ethic

Jacob, a foreigner, arrives in Haran and sees a well in a field. Shepherds and their flocks have gathered at the well-side, but the shepherds cannot draw water for their sheep as the mouth of the well is blocked by a large stone.

He said, “It is still broad daylight, too early to round up the animals; water the flock and take them to pasture." (29:7)

Rashi Comments:

“Since he saw the flocks lying down, he thought that they were returning home and that they would no longer graze that day. So he said to them: “The day is yet long,” i.e. if you have been hired for the day, you have not completed the day’s work, and if the animals are your own, it is, nonetheless, not the time to take in the livestock”