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Hukkat. A New Generation

Something big transpires in Parashat Hukkat.

In chapter 20, Miriam dies, Aharon dies, and Moshe is told that he will not lead the nation into Eretz Yisrael.

In Chapter 21 we hear:

  • "And Israel made a vow... and God listened to the voice of Israel. "וידר ישראל נדר לה' ...וישמע ה' בקול ישראל ... "

  • "Then Israel sang this song - אז ישיר ישראל את השירה הזאת"

No Moshe. Just Israel.

What conclusions might we draw from this? I would say.

  • No leader, even Moshe, is indispensable

  • There comes a time when the next generation must find their voice. And sometimes the older generation must take a step back.

  • It is wonderful to see this new generation - born in the wilderness - so sure and secure in their faith in God. This is not the slave generation of Egypt. It is a new mindset. These people grew up on the Manna' and are confident to enter Israel with God at their helm. It is like seeing the children grow up and become responsible adults. It is joyful!

Please Discuss:

  • If you are a teenager, do you ever feel frustrated that the older generation are in charge?