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Korach. Wealth, Power, Corruption

Korach assails the leadership of Moses and Aharon with the accusation: “rav lachem - too much for you!”

Too much what?

Too much power?

Too much honor?

In one understanding, which is inferred but not explicit, Moses is accused of taking “too much” wealth for himself, libeled for financial violation.

How do we know Korach implicated Moses with the crime of financial indiscretion? Because Moses responds to the personal insult:

Moses was deeply upset. He said to the Lord, “Pay no regard to their appeals. I have taken no one’s donkey, nor have I harmed any of them.” (16:15)

Although he has been condemned for leadership failure and attacked for the nepotism of appointing his brother, it is the accusations of corruption and fraud, personal moral failings, that infuriate and upset Moses more than any other. He professes his absolute innocence and his high standard, rare among national leaders, of taking nothing from the nation. Here as expressed by Ramban: