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Vayeshev. The Temptation of Joseph

Joseph gains the moniker “Hatzaddik.” How so? The Talmud tells us that it was a result of Joseph’s principled resistance of the temptation of Potiphar’s wife:

It was told of Joseph the virtuous (Yoseph Hatzaddik) that the wife of Potiphar every day endeavoured to entice him with words — The garments she put on for him in the morning, she did not wear in the evening, those she had put on in the evening, she did not wear in the morning.

She said to him: Yield to me! He said: No.

She said: I shall have you imprisoned. He said: The Lord releases the bound.

She said: I shall bend thy proud stature. He replied: The Lord raises those who are bowed down. She said: I shall blind your eyes. He replied: The Lord opens the eyes of the blind.

She offered him a thousand talents of silver to make him yield to her, to lie with her, to be near her, but he would not listen to her. (Yoma 35a)