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I am exceedingly excited by Israel – ancient and modern. I love leading Tanakh-in hand tours for my students. These are essentially classes where the classroom is the views and stones of Eretz Yisrael. My tours explore the past, but teach us a great deal about the here and now too.


Here is a list of the tours I lead. I am happy to guide family or group tours when I am available.


FT: I am not a licensed tour guide. Some tour guides are professional tour guides and amateur Tanakh teachers. I am a professional Tanakh teacher and an amateur tour guide.



Jerusalem Tours


1. City of David. One simply has to experience the excitement of Ir David – the place in which the Kings of Judah reigned. This is where Jewish History began. If you haven't walked through the water channels and tunnels, if you have not seen the newly excavated King David's Palace then this is surely a "must-see." New artifacts are opened every year.



2. Back in Time to Herod's Temple

- Southern Wall Excavations and Kotel Wall Tunnels.

In this tour we gain a realistic perspective upon Herod's splendid Temple. Even in its destruction, one can gain real inspiration from walking the street that Hillel and Shamai walked and by visiting the spectacular Kotel tunnel. Become a Temple expert in just 5 hours! Give it a try!



3. The Old City

Explore the alleyways, the tombs, the synagogues, the Old City walls, and even the roofs of the Old City



4. Ramat Rachel – On the outskirts of South Jerusalem is a site that is widely overlooked. Here is a Royal Palace from the First Temple Period! It is the ONLY Royal Judean palace of that period. And it has a spectacular view o all of Jerusalem. (This is a short 2 hour tour)



5. Pre-State Jerusalem

Visit the jail – The Museum of the Underground - where the British held the fighters of the Haggana and the Irgun. Learn the story of the resistance that lead to modern Israel. Then let us go and meet two spiritual giants of  pre-State Israel: The holy Rav Kook and the tzaddik, Rav Aryeh Levin. We can also visit the Kastel where the battle for the road to Jerusalem was won or visit the Palmach mudeum and independence Hall in Tel Aviv.



6. Mount Herzl and Ammunition Hill

Learn about Modern Israel by visiting the sites of Israel's Memorials. Mt. Herzl is Israel's Military Cemetary and the burial place of its Prime Ministers and Presidents. It is a fascinating place to visit that tells the story of some of the painful episodes of Israeli History.


Other sites I guide are:

  • In the Footsteps of David – in the Elah Valley

  • The Jerusalem Corridor – from Latrun, to the Burma Road, to Kastel

  • Tzippori and the writing of the Mishna

  • The Gilboa – and the stories of Devorah, Gidon, and Shaul

  • The sites, history and future of Gush Etzion







Israel Tours


At the present time, my schedule is full.

I am unable to offer tours.

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