October 25, 2017

... questions of faith are not a threat; they are an opening to move from childhood or childish notions of God to a more sophisticated conception of the Almighty.

October 18, 2017

‎“If a person fell and died, they wouldn’t pay attention to him/her but if a brick fell, they ‎would sit and cry and say: how are we going to replace it?” (Pirkei D’R. Eliezer ch.24)‎

October 11, 2017


When Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit, God asks them “Ayeka - Where are you?”(3:9) Does God not know where Adam is? Why does he ask this question?

When Kayin/Cain kills his brother, God approaches him and asks: “Where is your brother Abel?”(4:9)

Please dis...

October 2, 2017

Sukkot is “zman simchateinu” – the Time of our Joy. In ancient times when the poulation worked primarliy on the land, the “ingathering” would have been the time in which people felt maximally secure, their barn filled with grain, oil, nuts, dried fruit, to keep them th...

October 2, 2017

We don’t have communal meals on Yom Kippur but we have plenty of opportunities to discuss the prayer service with our families, whether at the pre-fast meal or before and between prayer times.

We shall discuss what is the central prayer of Yom Kippur: Viduy – the confes...

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