March 19, 2020

We each assist one another. When you think about it, we individuals are staying at home, not just to be protected, but to serve the public, to prevent ourselves spreading the disease. Our concern is certainly a collective one.

March 4, 2020

Do you connect more to Judaism of the head or of the heart?‎ Is it possible for different sub-groups in Judaism to have different expressions ‎of Judaism or is there only a single legitimate mode of Jewish practice?

February 27, 2020

There is no hypocrisy in being ashamed of our weaknesses ... the all-important thing is to strive ‎continually to improve and eliminate our defects...Where there is no sense of shame there is no sensitivity, no ‎awareness and little chance of self-improvement.‎

November 20, 2019

Some people are “Shabbat-Jews”; on Shabbat they pray, on Shabbat they study Torah, on Shabbat they recite blessings. But during the week they do not. In a Jewish home, spirituality must extend to each and every day of the week. The “light” must be “lit” from Sabbath to...

July 21, 2019

For Rashi, the special aspect of the camp is that people have regard for each others' privacy. The tent openings do not face each other. This way, everybody gets a modicum of privacy (in a tent-city where, we might imagine, privacy comes at a premium.).

March 22, 2018

"The human discovery of breadmaking was a major advancement in food technology, a classic ‎human manipulation of the elements of nature. Most of the time, advancement of civilisation is ‎welcomed by the Torah. "

March 7, 2018

‎“It was called the Sanctuary of the Testimony, for it bore witness: "Let gold be placed within the Sanctuary to atone for ‎the gold with which the golden calf was fashioned.” (Tanhuma Teruma #8)‎

February 21, 2018

Beauty is a value in Judaism aesthetics are only good as long as they carve a path to God. First, aesthetics can become a god in itself, as we become addicted to beauty and luxury. Second, sometimes - looks can be deceiving, and simplicity reveals God more than beauty.

February 15, 2018

The Tabernacle imitates and to some degree, replicates Mount Sinai. It even has a pillar of fire over ‎it and cloud surrounding it exactly like Mount Sinai! (- See Ex 40:35-38) The Tablets of Stones, ‎received by Moses at the summit of Mount Sinai reside in the Ark at...

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