August 8, 2019

Moses is asserting that the Torah has what to say to every culture. In the course of history, many ethnicities, religions and societies have risen. Each civilization challenged or contested Judaism on this point or that. And Judaism offered its response to each in a fr...

September 13, 2017

What you think about, what is your inner intention when you hear the Shofar? How do you feel? ‎What do you do during those sacred moments? ‎How does the name of our parsha connect to Tekiah-Teruah-Tekiah?

September 6, 2017

If our Jewish communal life is hypocritical, if people act religious in public but fail to uphold ‎their standards in private or away from the communal eye, that is a failed Judaism.‎

August 31, 2017

Prof Shalom Rosenberg compared mitzvot to one of two different laws: Are they akin to the ‎requirement to wear an army beret or a seat belt? ‎

August 23, 2017

One cannot compare the experience of a judge who lives among those who he must guide and lead. The magistrate is part and parcel of the city and will be able to feel the pulse of the city, its pressures and needs, its difficulties, and also its potential for change.

August 17, 2017

The Torah repeatedly uses the term “brother” to depict the recipient of welfare. If we viewed a ‎needy person as a sibling, would we not be more thoughtful, more generous?‎

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